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We are independent consultants with long experience in accident and claim investigation. Our people have assessed claims and delivered liability reports, opinions and recommendations to employers, self-insured, lawyers and insurers.

Our expertise comes from more than 40 years of legal and liability adjusting.

We have turned that knowledge into a service which now enables potential compensators to deal with these claims head-on in the most efficient, money saving way possible.

Geoff Laker

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Senior Commercial Director

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Accidents happen. It’s not a perfect world. Life cannot be lived without risk. We all know this to be true and accept that people will get hurt from time to time. But what happens when it is your employee or it happens in your premises? Do you have a system for dealing with it? Are you confident that you can face any claim that might follow?

How many times have you and your insurers:
  • Had to settle a claim because you have lost the chance of defending it
  • Lost track of crucial witnesses when workers move on
  • Struggled to show how an accident happened because memories have faded
  • Been put on the back foot because records have been lost or documents not kept
  • Had to pay unnecessary damages and legal fees

Our objective is to give you the ability to get your own people working effectively at the accident scene:
  • Capturing evidence
  • Taking photographs
  • Recording accident circumstances
  • Getting witness statements
  • Preserving the right documents

To put you in the best position to make the best decision, quickly, about every claim. To put you in the driving seat.

Why is this necessary

There are some accidents which are serious and need to be investigated by professionals no matter what the cost. The overwhelming majority are not and need to be dealt with cost effectively.

There have been recent changes in the way personal injury claims are made.

Since 31 July 2013 claims for £25,000 or less can be started through a Ministry of Justice electronic portal. You may have seen these already. There is a rigid timetable and the clock starts ticking 1 working day after the claim is notified to you. You have 30 working days to make your liability decision in employer’s liability cases and 40 working days for public liability claims. If you deny liability or miss the deadline then the claim falls out of the portal scheme.

This brings us to the next change. There is now a range of fixed costs payable to claimants’ solicitors.

Here’s an example: let’s assume that a case settles for compensation of £4,000. If it was disposed of in the portal scheme, costs of £900 are paid. If it falls outside the scheme the costs a solicitor can recover from you increase to £1650.

Speed and time are of the essence. If a claim needs to be settled then the sooner it happens the cheaper it becomes.

There are also those claims which should never be settled because you have a strong defence. The problem is that you have to back up that defence with evidence. There is no alternative. If your evidence is not of the highest quality your lawyers or insurers may advise you to settle because there is doubt and you or they cannot risk £100,000 in legal costs if you lose a trial.

The best evidence is that which is captured quickly at the scene of the accident, where your people are already on the spot. We will show you how to get this evidence and preserve it in such a way that, even 3 years later, your lawyers or insurers can deny liability and mean it

How we do it

  • We look at your accident and claims history
  • We identify areas of risk
  • We review your accident recording and investigation systems
  • We put together a customised package which precisely suits the needs of your business
  • We train and motivate your own people to investigate accidents.

Why not leave it to your insurers?

After all it’s in their interest to get the right result, isn’t it?

Maybe that’s right but let’s not forget that they are in business, just like you.  If they provide an accident investigation service then they are entitled to their honest profit.  Somewhere along the line you will pay for that service.  Our product means that the investigation is done by your own people.

More importantly, your insurers cannot be on the spot when the accident happens.  Your people are already there.  There are of course exceptions: insurers will act very quickly where they are informed of fatal or serious accidents.  What we are talking about, however, is the 99% of all claims which are worth up to £25,000.  These are the ones which need to be handled in the most cost effective way possible.

Benefits to you

  • Never settle a claim just because you could not back up a defence
  • Remove doubts about accidents and claims
  • Discourage speculative or fanciful claims
  • Improve your claims history and keep premiums down
  • Avoid the need for expensive professionals to come in, often long after the event
And, if it needs to be settled, make the decision immediately and stop the legal costs.

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